Meet our new Event’s Therapist Esi

Esi Asante – Event’s Therapist

Hello, my name is Esi which is pronounced “SC”, it’s not short for anything and basically it means “Born on a Sunday“.  I am an Athlete and a Sports Therapist.  As an Athlete, I witnessed and acquired many injuries.  It was especially heartbreaking watching athletes sustain career-ending injuries and this is what provoked my pursuit of a career in Sports Therapy.

I started off my university education studying Physiotherapy for 4 years; however, I wasn’t fond of the hospital environment, so I transferred to a different university to study Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation. I find it fulfilling to see individuals who sustain injuries being able to return to their sports or lifestyle at a level much higher to what they were prior to their injuries, and being part of their journey and being able to facilitate their recovery provides an unexplainable sense of accomplishment.  On the flip side, I do enjoy the challenge of investigating and assessing the pathologies patients present with and working out the best plan of action with them, for as the saying goes “teamwork makes the dreamwork”!

I have had the pleasure of working with various sports teams, however, my time spent with Wakefield Trinity RLFC will always be a top tier memory for me as it was the place that cemented my decision of pursuing a career in sport. From my mentors, to the players and the coaching staff, I was made to feel extremely welcome and in this environment I was able to acquire crucial skills that have moulded me into the therapist that I am today.  I am excited to kickstart my career as a Sports Therapist and see how far it takes me.

The quote I live by is by Cengiz Han “korkuyorsan yapma, yapiyorsan korkma” which translates to If you are afraid don’t do it, but if you are going to do it don’t be afraid”.

I am new to A+ Sports Therapy, but I am looking forward to meeting everyone. I do not currently have a clinic as I am responsible for overseeing the Sports & Corporate events that we cover, so contact the clinic for more in-depth details on these services!

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