Introducing Fran our amazing new Sports Therapist

Francesca Tuozzo Profile Pic - A+ Sports Therapy, Manchester

Sports Therapist & Personal Trainer

Hi my name is Francesca Tuozzo and I have been working in the health and fitness industry for over seven years now.  I first became interested in the human body and how it works due to my mother having a degenerative brain disease, diagnosed when I was 21, seeing her deteriorate really made me want to understand the body and mind more than ever and to help people as much as I could to live healthy, pain free lives.

For this reason, I started in the industry as a Personal Trainer and really enjoyed interacting with people and helping them achieve their health and fitness goals.  I became fascinated with the mechanics of the body and progressed into specialising in movement coaching, posture correction and injury rehabilitation within my personal training career.  After many great years as a personal trainer I decided that I wanted to focus more on Sports Therapy, pain management and injury rehabilitation.

As I have gotten further along with my studies, I knew that I had found my passion and purpose!  So, now I do both personal training and remedial therapy and my approach is extremely holistic, due to my wide range of experiences within the health sector.

So, whether I am working as a PT or as a Therapist, I always strive to focus upon the particular needs of every person.  Because in doing so I can offer a specialist level of support to everyone.

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