Meet our excellent therapist Aithne

Aithne Ashurst - Sports Massage Therapist

Aithne Ashurst – Sports Massage Therapist

Hello my name is Aithne, the provenance of which originates from the Irish region of Munster and means “Queen of the Fairies”.  But that didn’t stop my mother stating on quite a few occasions when I was growing up that it was more like I was away with them at times.

I am a mum to one very special young daughter, who amazes me every day and we like to go for walks in the park and take family days out whenever we can to make new memories.   My daughter gives me the strength and inspiration to better myself, for both mine and her future.

That is how I became a qualified Sports Massage Therapist, as when I started my initial training it was going to be just a hobby, but since undertaking my studies it has become so much more for me.  I found that I love to learn about the body and how it works and I was astonished to discover how the application of the Sports Therapy techniques can really help people to gain such relief from their aches and pains, which can affect them so much within their day-to-day activities or in their work or sporting lives.

I have become so fascinated with the many benefits of Sports Therapy that I am currently continuing my training to gain additional and higher qualifications, for I do not see a limit on where this may take me in the future.  As it isn’t just solely about alleviating a patient’s musculoskeletal conditions, because it can also have a tremendous effect on mental wellbeing, as Sports Massage can improve a person’s stress levels, sleep quality and can really add to their quality of life.

My hobbies include photography, exercising, modelling and horse riding.  I grew up on a farm with many horses and I have been a keen rider from a very young age and I have competed with my horses in hand, ridden and show jumping.

My favourite quote is, “Life is not about having the best of everything, but rather making the best out of everything”.

My favourite movie is “Pay it Forward”, I watched this film at 9 years of age and the concept of the story changed my outlook on life forever.   I really took the film to heart, so much so that I contently tell everyone I meet why I believe it’s so special, in the small hope that everyone will in some way, pay it forward.

I look forward to seeing you in the clinic, where I will be available every Monday (except Bank Holidays) and you can book in for a treatment with me now!

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