Coming Soon

Just to prove we do listen to our patients, we are in the process of setting up 3 new services:


Number One – Sports Event Therapy Cover.  √ COMPLETED

We already offer a clubhouse service which quite a few differing sports teams have happily enjoyed.  More so the coaches have reported improvements in both the speed of injury recuperation and the general performance of their players/athletes.

However, we are now going to offer both Sports Therapy and Sports Massage services at actual sporting events/competitions.  Offering treatment in the field as it were! The cost for these treatments will differ from event to event.  Depending on the services that you want undertaking and the number of therapists that you require to be present.

So if you have an upcoming sports event which you would like our professional therapists to cover. Then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We can also cover Corporate Events as well as Sporting Events!


Number Two – The inclusion of a “Complementary Therapist” on staff.

Quite a few of our patients, mostly females it has to be said.  Have stated that it would be good if we also offered “Complementary Therapies” within our treatment repertoire and that they would access such services if they were available.

Well we are presently searching for a relevantly qualified and experienced therapist to join our team.  We will post details on their readiness and therapeutic services just before they become available.


Number Three – The Sale of Therapy Products.  √ COMPLETED

Again quite a few of our patients have stated that they sometimes have trouble in ordering the correct therapeutic items from an online supplier to aid them within their individual rehabilitation plan(s).

As we neither have the space or resources to hold vast stocks of such items to pass onto patients when needed.  We are going to do the next best thing.

Meaning, that we are going to set up an online store upon our website in partnership with a number of therapy provisions suppliers.  That way you will be able to order any items that you require from supports/braces to shoe inserts to TENS machines (all hopefully at a discount) via us and with the appropriate recommendations.