Therapy Shop


We are changing our therapy suppliers, to gain far better deals for our patients.  We are currently in negotiations with some excellent therapy product companies and will update you as these discussions bear fruit.

But we are NO longer working in partnership with either “Vivomed” or “Medicals for Sport”.

We created our Therapy Shop, so our patients can purchase the precise therapy products necessary to carry out their individual treatment plans.  To achieve this, we have partnered up with the following specialist suppliers.  Even better, purchasing products from these companies, gets one a full 10% discount on any item(s) you buy!

The 1st of these NEW associated suppliers = Sterosport

Sterosport is a division of Steroplast Healthcare, which is based in Manchester and has over 25 years’ experience as a supplier of some of the best medical consumables and rehabilitation equipment products on the market.

Steroplast Healthcare has an international reputation for high quality medical and diagnostic equipment and what’s more Steroplast Healthcare, through Sterosport, offers a complete package, a one-stop-shop for sports, medical, first aid and rehabilitation products.

The Sterosport range includes:

  • Sports first aid kits & consumables
  • Sports tapes & strappings
  • Emergency & trauma equipment
  • Exercise rehabilitation products

To obtain your full 10% discount, click on the above link or on the Button marked “STEROSPORT” located on the right.  Choose the item(s) that you want and on checkout add the code “APLUS10“.  Orders can be placed online or by calling 0800 978 8301.  Customers can also choose delivery or to collect their orders from the Steroplast offices which are based in Sharston, Wythenshawe.

You will receive a professional recommendation on the therapy product(s) that can best aid your individual rehabilitation from your therapist.  But as always, the choice on where you purchase such products is up to you.  If you know the therapeutic item(s) that you require you can always order them direct.

However, you will only receive the 10% “Therapy Shop” discount on your purchases if you use the above-mentioned suppliers/codes and order your items via our website!