Gait Analysis

The therapists of A+ Sports Therapy can assess your gait and fully evaluate the quality of your walking.  Gait Analysis is used by our therapists to assess, plan and treat both children and adults who have difficulty walking.  Gait Analysis can also help identify posture related or movement related problems in people with injuries.


Our therapists will initially look at how your gait has been affected and because everyone presents differently, a treatment plan will be devised fully dependent upon your individual finding and requirements.


Gait Analysis treatments can improve your ability to walk by implementing exercises and hands on techniques.


A treatment may involve:

  • Stretching to increase range of movement
  • Exercises to strengthen muscles
  • The use of specialist software and camera equipment to fully analyse your gait
  • Activities to increase the magnitude of the step and the amplitude of the movement
  • Breaking the gait cycle down into smaller manageable sections to help restore normal movement patterns


Gait analysis can help identify subtle problems with your gait which can improve your mobility, muscle strength and flexibility an get you back to your sporting or occupational activities as soon as possible.


Gait Analysis Treatment Costs at A+ Sports Therapy

  • £100.00 for a complete assessment (which includes a written report).