Postural Analysis

What is Postural Analysis?

Postural Analysis is an observational assessment that is carried out to examine a person’s static posture and their bodily alignment.

Performing a postural assessment allows our therapists to observe a patient’s overall alignment and evaluate how their body is moving and functioning and how their muscles and joints work together. 

The purpose of this treatment in the simplest of terms, is to check for any abnormalities and imbalances, which could be adversely affecting the way that a person’s body moves or functions.

This assessment can assist with a great many conditions as poor posture is known to contribute to many aliments such as headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain, issues with digestion and even poor circulation.  It can also impact upon sciatic pain caused as a result of prolonged periods of sitting or driving.

The assessment at A+ Sports Therapy takes 30 minutes and once completed the practitioner will provide advice an guidance regarding any problem areas specific to you, which are affected by poor posture.  This could  include advice regarding sitting correctly, standing positions and moving, lifting an handling practises that will help to improve your posture an in turn lessen any long-standing pain you have been suffering with.  We may also proscribe certain exercises to help you to strengthen any weak muscles or stretch any tight muscles that are causing you to adopt a poor and potentially painful posture.

If necessary we can even provide additional treatments such as Remedial Massage or Sports Therapy which can be used in a full treatment plan to help combat the effects of poor posture.

Postural Analysis Treatment Costs at A+ Sports Therapy

  • £20.00 for a 30 minute assessment.